Tuesday, October 23, 2007

R U ready 2 Flux?

This evening my father-in-law sent me an email regarding a website called "FLUX". According to Flux, they define their functionality as:
"Flux enables you to add community tools to your website and push your content further - on your site - where you control and monetize it. The Flux Platform is built to meet the unique demands of major media brands and emerging influencer websites"

It sounded interesting so I signed up to enable this blog, Technology-Works, to be Flux enabled. Once I signed up, I got an email which stated:

Dear Enoch Moses,

Thank you for your interest in Flux - we're looking forward to adding community tools to your website - increasing traffic and page views. We will be contacting you shortly to follow up.

Check out the Flux blog (www.flux.com/blog) for the latest on what we're up to.

Sincerely, The Team at Social Project
After reading Flux's web site, this is what I think of Flux. Flux provides tools which will allow a "Flux'ed" site to be marketed better among its or other social networks. When your site becomes prominent then you can get to make money on the ads which show up on your website, hence the owner of the site can make money. Flux takes a cut of that money. From an advertiser's point of view, Flux offers another channel for marketing.

This is a classic implementation of Web 2.0 where tools are provided which will allow the user to market his site better. After all, Web 2.0 has been dubbed "Active Web" since it allows users to be active on the interne
t. I wonder what my friend who is a renowned Internet Marketing analyst would say about it. He and I have had discussions on the marketing power via Facebook and why Microsoft bought a stake in "now" social network. Anyway I will give an update when I "Flux" this site.

I like the video which I placed on this entry since it does a great job defining a social network and the benefits of it.

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steveray00 said...

Enoch - checked out your site - you'll be hearing from us shortly - Flux team.