Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reliving the Civil War via Twitter

I wonder who came up with the idea of reliving the Civil War via Twitter. As some of you may know that I am a big fan of Twitter. It is truly a disruptive information technology. A few days ago, I came across this Twitter account:
Abe was twittering things like:
  • "[Letter] U think slavery is right and ought to b extended; while we think it is wrong and ought to b restricted. That I suppose is the rub."
  • "Now we are told in advance, the government shall be broken up, unless we surrender to those we have beaten, before we take the offices."
It looks like Washington Post is posting major civil war figures' thoughts and feelings via Tweets. Washington Post claims to derive the Tweets from historical information. This is still great. Here are the other folks who are Tweeting from 1861:
The other Twitter accounts which are associated with this effort are:
I am assuming the other famous Civil War figures will start Tweeting as well. I would like to see these folks on Twitter:
  1. Mrs. Lincoln
  2. Ulysses Grant
  3. Frederick Douglass
  4. William T. Sherman
  5. Robert E. Lee
  6. Lincoln's cabinet
  7. Lincoln's competitors in the Elections
  8. John Wilkes Booth
  9. George McClellan
  10. and others