Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No Topic: Vent Blog

I still remember the time I took my career assessment test in eighth grade @ Stillwater Junior High School, Stillwater OK. I took the test on an old PC with a green screen. To my disappointment, I was assessed to be a school teacher. WHAT!!! I wanted to be an archaeologist like Indiana Jones (in my case Indian Jones).

Looking back at that time, which was twenty plus years ago, I never thought I would be working in computer nirvana. Okay that is a stretch. FAA is not really a computer nirvana but it can be fun. What is the point of this blog entry you wonder. Well the purpose of this blog entry is to gripe about my seven year old daughter wants a MacBook Pro but she is now settling for a Barnes & Noble Nook. A seven year old! My seven year old wants to read books online and yes drag her fingers across to play Angry Birds. She and her siblings love to watch Netflix on the WII, PS3 and now the iPad. When I was growing up, I thought a Super Nintendo was the coolest thing but now I talk to high schoolers who have never even heard of Walkmans.

Okay I lied. The point of this blog entry is to describe how generations are becoming more digital. Teachers are trying encourage to participate in discussions using twitter and Facebook which are going IPO. What's next?! Classroom sessions via Apple's Facetime.

Lastly I leave you by asking you to read this article [http://bit.ly/mNg1pl] and then please ask yourself (if you an IT professional) if your son or daughter follow your footsteps. Would a son of Oracle DBA be an Oracle DBA or would a Java programmer's son be a Java programmer? Hence our profession can be described as evolution on steroids!