Thursday, December 27, 2012

Future through my Kindle Fire HD

Recently I purchased an Amazon Kindle Fire HD and I really enjoy using it.  Here are my reasons why:
  • It's Green - I don't have to buy books, CDs, DVD or fancy CD/DVD players.  The content in various formats can be accessed by this Information Delivery device. I currently listen to Pandora (internet radio), watch videos on NetFlix, YouTube and Amazon Prime and read books
  • It's Mobile - I like it better than an iPad since it's smaller to carry around
  • It's flat out cool - Nothing like watching HD video
You may wonder why am I writing about my KindleFire. Is it because of my emotional attachment to my KindleFire? Not really.  The reason I am writing about Kindle because Kindle like devices are the future of our digital world

Before I get into why Kindle like devices are our future, I would like to say that I, Enoch Moses, became a fan of wrist watches.  The reason is because the marvel of mechanical precision and accuracy cannot be fully appreciated when you work with software, hardware or digital content.  It's cool stuff!

As a consumer, I love the Kindle because it brings everything that I read to one common device which I am comfortable use.  I don't have to learn how to use a CD player, a DVD player or even carry a four thousand page book.

As a content provider, I can spend more time and resources in looking at the quality of my content rather than how should send my content to my consumer.  A good example is the CEO of a local newspaper who has to worry about the following:
  • How can folks access my newspaper? - Home delivery, Grocery stores, Digital
  • How much money do I need to spend on raw materials? - Printing machines, paper, ink, delivery of papers
The CEO of the new content company cares about:
  • How can we convene our content with more impact?  - He/she doesn't have to worry about traditional constraints like print, voice or video.  The CEO can embed a video in a written piece or have written content in a video/audio format.  Nothing like listening the author narrating his new book.
  • Metrics - With digital content, they can see how popular or stale is their content.  This increases agility.
From an infrastructure point of view, Amazon and Google are providing platforms where the hardware and software can reside.  The web browser will eventually be standardized. Outsourcing development will also become a new factor.  This way the business can focus on its business domain while Information Technology (IT) will be commoditized.

I also think there will be a clear break between the domain of IT, Computer Science and Information Science.  IT will be an administrative business function where the CIO will make decisions on which IT services will be used by the business.  Computer Science services and Information Science services will become niche services which will enable businesses to meeting their mission.  For example drug companies will use information science services to mine drug and clinical data; meanwhile companies like Goole and Amazon will use computer science services to further their IT services.

How does this all relate to my KindleFire?  It may not but you may be reading it on your KindleFire.  In fact it does, as I write this content, I am not thinkin about:
  • Where do I host this content?
  • Is this content friendly for the web, iphone, ipad or Kindle?
  • Is anyone reading this content? - I use Google analytics to track this information
I am just worried about this blog entry and this is important.  This was not possible ten to twenty years ago.  Enjoy your

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