Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Black Hole in the internet (A theory)

I like the PageRank theory which Google uses to rank web pages which it indexes. As I understand, a web page is given a higher rank when other pages (internal and external) link to that page. For example Page A exists on web site alpha and Page B, Page C and Page D link to Page A. Page C and Page D don't have any other references and they exist on web site gamma and Page B resides on web site alpha. By doing so, it is inferred that Page A is more valuable Page B, Page C and Page D. Page A has higher importance since they are referenced by Page B, Page C and Page D. This is ingenious because it may be assumed that if Page A did not exist then Page B, Page C and Page D cannot validate it's content through an reference (which in this case is Page A).

Therefore here is my theory: if there exists a web page called blackHole which:
  • has no links
  • is referenced by all web pages (directly or indirectly) as a link
  • is NEVER changed
  • is hosted on a server which is 100% reliable and it never slows down or goes down.
Implications of phenomenon are huge since:
  • the page called blackHole will get alot of hits from users and spiders
  • this could undermine the pageRank algorithym unless Google fugdes it to address this issue.
I call this phenomenon the cyber black hole. I would like to hear from people about this idea.

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