Sunday, October 25, 2009

Waving looks good

A week ago, I got a developer account to Google Wave and I am informally testing the application with the accounts they have provided me. It looks good. The concept is simple and a powerful one. A wave is composed of wavelets and wavelets are composed of blips. A simple chat entry, a sixteen page blog entry or an email entry can called a blip. A collection of blips can be captured as a wavelet and a collection of wavelets can be called a wave.

So how is it powerful? It's a great way of organizing information since all of the relevant information for the relevant context are tied together. Currently it is hard to follow emails. For example I get emails from Sender A, who wants to know what I would like for take out, are interspersed with emails from my boss who wants to know the status of my IT projects. The tone and formality of the two email threads are different and it would take me more time to adjust to the "lingo" of the different emails. Recently I am slowly switching my email from Yahoo to Gmail because I like the way Gmail organizes their information.

What I am really excited about Google Wave is for enterprises to mine the data. Imagine tagging the wave and sub taggine the wavelets. Wow! The possiblities are endless! Can we use this model in organizing our Enterprise information?

One thing I don't like about the way it is set up right now is that their emails and waves cannot be viewed in the view. It makes the UI confusing and may confuse some users.