Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Can Businesses act on Mashup'ed Data?

A few days ago I got invited to use Google Mashup Editor and currently I have been analyzing Google Mashup Editor and Yahoo! Pipes. I am waiting for an invite to try Microsoft's Popfly. This has me thinking. Currently mashup's allow non-technical users to discover data sources, connect to the data sources, get data from the data sources and aggregate the data from other data sources. This is great since it allows the users to get the important data from various data sources. It is implied that the users are using their natural processes to process information from the web. However the big question is:
"Can decision makers make decisions based on "Mashup'ed data?"

If a decision maker makes a terrible decision based on "Mashup'ed data" then who is liable for the data. Can the decision maker trust the data for him to an important decision? How fresh and reliable is the data? How reliable is the Mashup?

Mashups for now are cool but I feel they are gimmicky if there is no assurance on the mashup or its data. Can we start writing MLAs "Mashup Level Agreements"? Only time will tell if Mashups are successful in the corporate world.

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