Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Data Aggregation with Pipes and more

Today I was working with Yahoo! Pipes and I created a simple module which aggregates data from my wife's, father-in-law's, sister-in-law's and my blog and sorted them from the latest to the oldest published. It is quite neat. The process is quite easy however I couldn't get Yahoo! Pipes to extract feeds from blogspot's rss feed and my brother-in-law's rss feed. I used blogspot's atom feed and my sister-in-law's blog's rdf feed. Yahoo! Pipes could not read:
I liked the way I could combine the feeds into one feed and then sorted the blog entries in the feed. I was not able to aggregate feeds with Google Mashup Editor. I am still learning that editor. For a quick work around with Google Mashup Editor, first subscribe to the feeds via Google Reader and then create one feed which can do all of the aggregation. Then manipulate the aggregated Google Reader feed via Google Mashup Editor. Yahoo! Pipes does not offer any way of adding presentation components like CSS, graphics or JavaScript. Here is the link to the Yahoo! Pipe which I created:

I like them both but either one met all of my requirements.

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