Thursday, October 18, 2007

FriendFeed and Kadoo

Today I got my invite to join A personal feed aggregator from various Web 2.0 sites like Blogger, YouTube, LinkedIn, Digg, etc., etc. It also lets you access your friend's personal feed. This way you can get alerts on what your friends up took. I personally don't think it will be popular since users don't want to sign up to multiple Web 2.0 sites. This website is built on top of other websites. I am not too impressed with it. Nevertheless I will use it for awhile since it is still quite new. Good luck to site.

  • I cannot add multiple blogger sites.
  • I cannot edit my account which is mapped to my FriendFeed account
Things that worry me:
FriendFeed lets you login into your account via your multiple email address (if you register more than one address). This can be a security glitch but the email addresses can also be used by advertisers.

I also came across another web2.0 site called They are currently building a Social Information Management System (SIMS). I signed up to be a beta tester on it. SIMS sounds interesting but we have wait and see if it is a cool thing or simply a bust!

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Enoch said...

FriendFeed's support was great! They addressed my concerns in a day.