Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Learning from Mashups

Yesterday and today I spent time creating a Job Aggregator on Yahoo! Pipes and then building a frontend on Google Mashup Editor. After spending some time on Yahoo! Pipes editor, I was able to build a Job Aggregator which incorporated Google Base, Monster.com and Hotjobs. This is how it works:
  1. User inputs a job query in the textbox
  2. User hits submit
  3. The request is sent to the Yahoo! Pipes engine
  4. The Yahoo! Pipes engine inturn creates a copy of the request and submits it to Google Base, Monster.com and Hotjobs
  5. The responses from each job site are sent back to Yahoo! Pipes engine.
  6. Yahoo! Pipes inturn aggregators the responses and removes duplicates
  7. Yahoo! Pipes engine then presents the data to the user.
The Yahoo! Pipe which I created can be seen at http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info?_id=gl_zggBz3BGfqGtH1vC6Jw

Yahoo! Pipe also offers another service which is to create a rss feed for the service I just created.

I in turn took this RSS feed and rendered it in Google Mashup Editor. I have to say that Google Mashup Editor still needs alot of work. For instance I could not create URLs to extract information. I had to hard code the Yahoo! Pipes queries and just show the results. It was frustrating but for now it has to do. The front-end can be seen at:
GME Team-If you are reading this entry then please add the url builder functionality. It will make your editor more robust. You might also think of adding gwt tags to promote your GWT product.

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