Tuesday, October 9, 2007

XML Based Framework Standards

After working with US government sponsored XML frameworks and standards for 2 years, here are some of my thoughts.

  1. After studying Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM) and authoring all the datatypes in InfrastructureProtection domain in National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) version 1.0, I have concluded that these standard will never be fully implemented in Gov. to Gov (G2G) systems or Bus. to Gov. (B2G) systems. They are extremely bulky and may be potential bottlenecks in any system. Working with them can be extremely timeconsuming and sometimes redundant. The governance for these frameworks has not been fully resolved.

  2. I, however, strongly believe these frameworks and standards are a key for any enterprise's efforts in addressing their data management efforts. The GJXDM and NIEM are one of the best data models I have ever worked with. They are well designed and are extremely granular. Eventhough they cannot be implemented by any system, they should be used a Rosetta Stone to evaluate any enterprise's data architecture. These data models should be referred when SOA governance and data managements issues are addressed.

  3. Use these frameworks to reverse engineer various domain models. The GJXDM and NIEM data models are extremely rich. A great place to get requirements.

In conclusion these frameworks aka standards aka data models cannot be used as they were envisioned to be used, these data models are extremely useful when designing an enterprise wide data management system,

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