Monday, November 12, 2007

Web 2.0 business!!!

I would love to see if businesses would consider adapting Web 2.0 technologies in their day to day business processes. Here are some existing Web 2.0 technologies:
  • Outlook Calendar - A classic Web 2.0 application where users can share each others calendars.
  • Portals - I am thinking of an application like Microsoft Sharepoint which is a great application where users can share documents and other digital information
  • Outlook Directory - A directory of company employees. Users can add their own entries to their directory.
  • Intranet Website - Employees can find useful information about their company processes, benefits, holidays and other important information.
Here are some other technologies which can be incorporated in an office.
  • Employee Blogs - This will contain an employee's daily status report. The tasks he or she is working on.
  • Project Wikis - Where project artifacts like project plan, project members resumes, contact information, and Configuration Management tasks and existing risks for the project.
  • Collaborative spaces - Where workers can concurrently work and share information and ideas.
  • Aggregated Search Engines which are customized for businesses.
  • Online BPM tools - to let employees monitor their work processes and how they can improve them.
The way is business is done will change rapidly in the two to five years.

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