Thursday, March 27, 2008

Visual Navigation

Yesterday I met an ex-colleague of mine at BullFeathers, which is in Capitol Hill. I didn't know BullFeathers is a burger joint where politicians met and discussed politics. My burger was good but the ambiance was mundane. However my conversation with Ren Pope, my ex-colleague, was very interesting. Whenever Ren Pope and I have casual discussions, the main focus of our conversation revolves around the data domain. I don't know alot of people like myself or Ren who really enjoy talking about data and its implications in IT. For example when we met yesterday, our discussion revolved around concepts like data density, data weights, "What is metadata?", misuse of data in the public sector and technologies which basically deal with data.

During our conversation, Ren stated that he built a website[] using TheBrain. After visiting the website, I was initially disappointed since I didn't see any fancy graphics, embedded YouTube videos, or even much AJAX functionality. Isn't every website which has been developed in the last year or so, use or abuse AJAX? However after spending a few minutes on the website, I really enjoyed it. The beauty of the website is that it visually renders the information flow from one page to another. Like what Ren did, when you embed TheBrain technology into your website, you don't have to use the "BACK" button or the "FORWARD" button on your browser. Mr. Edward Tuft would be happy with the Brain since it does a good job of visualizing the information flow channels.

I have personally used TheBrain for a long time. It is a good tool for visually organizing information.

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