Thursday, April 24, 2008

I am going coo coo for Popfly!!!

Tonight I went to my Popfly account and I was very impressed. Microsoft has added features which make it the best online Web 2.0 editor. They have added ways to add data sources. A pseudo database where you add a table using comma delimited syntax. Popfly has also added the capabilities of creating "blocks". Blocks are like components of software logic which can easily intergrate with other blocks or services. They have added features to the "block" where you can integrate it to web services by simply pointing to the Web Service Description Language (WSDL). You can write code for the block in C# or in a XML structured format. You can create mashups by simple drag and drop or write .net centric code. Like Google web pages, Popfly also lets you create web pages by simple drag and drop. I have to say that Microsoft has put alot of effort into this product compared to Google Mashup Editor or Yahoo! Pipes. Microsoft is probably eyeing this a possible collaborative programming IDE for the Visual Studio family. It is a not a bad idea.

FYI - Couple of weeks ago, Microsoft contacted me to see if I was interested in working for their Visual Studio line. With products like this and Google's snobby attitude towards folks with non IT degrees, I might have to reconsider. I enjoy programming, architecting systems and just being a technology geek. Is something wrong with me? Anyway in the next few entries, I might explore Popfly's capabilities in more in depth.

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They are still the dark side.