Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Be the hunted

"Be the hunted" is the slogan for a new job website JobFox.com on the Internet. I decided to surf to this site after seeing JobFox ads plastered all over the Metro trains. After putting my profile and seeing its functionality, I was impressed. It is a marriage of a typical job site like Monster.com or Yahoo's Hotjobs with web 2.0 capabilities.
Here are its features:

  • It offers a web page for every job seeker registered on their site.

  • Offers an "Experience Map" whic is a tree graph with your skills. This is created from a questionnaire which is filled out by the job seeker.

  • Maps your skills and experience with jobs in its database and the site offers a score

  • JobFox offers alerting capability which notifies you when your resume is viewed by your potential employer

One of the biggest features it doesn't offer is a search capabilities. This means that users cannot search for jobs but rather trust the JobFox system to show the appropriate jobs which it considers appropriate for the job seeker.
All mapped positions show a pie graph on how the position is mapped to your, the job seeker's, requirements like location, salary and stability. Anyway try it out and it might you insight into your market value. Have fun job hunting.

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