Monday, August 18, 2008

That was Suite! Not really

This morning I was asked to go to an all morning presentation by Oracle. The presentation explained Oracle's vision with its products and its newly acquired company's, BEA, products. The core presentation was given by Thomas Kurian Senior Vice President for Oracle's Fusion Middleware. The presentation was insightful and it showed that Oracle has a defined and definite vision. I, however, being a skeptic will accept Oracle's vision when I see results. Other than enjoying Oracle's flagship product which is their relational database product, I have not been impressed with Oracle products. That being said, I do believe that Oracle is going to keep the Weblogic Application Server as well as other quality products. It is going to be interesting how other vendors will compete with Oracle in the Application and Middleware space.

Like Oracle, IBM has been buying strategic companies like Oracle but they NOT are buying monster size companies like BEA or PeopleSoft. IBM products work well however they are very expensive and their support is expensive as well. Oracle is following the Sun and RedHat approach which is to follow the Open Source paradigm. Thomas Kurian stated that Oracle is going to streamline the Weblogic IDE,which is based on Eclipse framework, make it open source. It will be interesting where Oracle Fusion Middleware will be in the next two to five years. During the presentation, Thomas Kurian talked about the Weblogic Suite, SOA Suite, BPM Suite and every other Suite possible. So in closing I say, "That's suite!" Actually I say this Larry Ellison, show me good software and I will say, "Suite software". If the software is not good then I will call the Oracle Fusion Middleware, law-suit software and not suite software.

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