Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Work vs Tweet

Enterprise Tweeting anyone? I don't think so. Twitter is great for promoting yourself virally however I don't see any point of "tweeting" when you are at work. This capability exists with the various enterprise Instant Messengers like MSN Chat or Lotus Notes client however I see people hardly using it. The only time I really check someone's status is if they are available for a meeting or not. This status is available via the Calendar sharing capability available on Outlook, Google Calendar, Lotus Notes, etc., etc. So in this brief entry, I conclude that I don't see any Tweeting in the workspace. Who wants to Tweet when they have to work? ;)

1 comment:

mjf said...

Who wants to work when they could be tweeting. : - )

I'm worried enough that I could become a compulsive twitter-head that I only signed up for an account recently to stake out the name I wanted -- my tweet total is still 0.