Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Google TV

I am glad that I trusted my gut instincts and got rid of Dish Network and wanted to watch all of my television via the Internet. I did it because:
  • I didn't want to let my kids watch tv all of the time
  • it saved me alot of money (around $120/month)
  • I wanted to watch TV shows when I wanted to watch them
  • I didn't want to revolve my schedule around a specific time of the week
  • I wanted to pay for content that I was more comfortable. I would have paid more money to watch all NBA games and not the Catholic Channel.
It has worked out. I enjoy ESPN3, Sunday Night Football on, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and others. I now have a wider selection on Comcast and I am thinking of getting NEO Cricket channel.

Television content is now geared towards my lifestyle and I am not altering my lifestyle to watch TV. Google TV, Comcast and others are enabling others to do the same.