Friday, December 24, 2010

Make "TRON" interoperable

Yesterday I went to the movies with my son Seth. We had a nice Mediterranean dinner. After which, we got Edy's Mint Dibs ice cream and medium Barq's root beer and then we settled in our chairs and watched the Disney movie Tron:Legacy. It brought memories of me when I was 13 year old boy watching the original Tron. I thought it was the coolest movie every. I now have to say this movie is actually not that bad. My son liked the movie too.

Anyway the point of this blog entry is not to expound on the entertainment value of the movie but rather philosophical flaws of the movie. The human characters interact with one system and its programs. The "Tron" world is a universe of one system. This is so 1990s. Is this movie promoting stove-piped systems? I don't think so but it does show you the inherit flaws of a stove-piped systems. Here are the flaws:
  • One world concept - A stove-piped system is a world on its own. The language, the business logic, and hardware and software are designed for that system.
  • Limited scalability - Any optimization and scaling is done within the constraints of the system. My world is the center of the universe. Oh wait, my world (aka my stove-piped system) is the universe.
  • Failure to Adapt - In the movie, there is no sun. Hence we can infer that the "Tron" system doesn't have a program which acts like a sun. Now lets say there is a "Sun" program introduced into the "Tron" system. Will other programs recognize there is infact a "Sun" in the "Tron" system? Probably not because that logic has not be programmed in.
  • Reusable components - Imagine if the "Tron" system had reusable programs which can be used in several other systems. If so how can these programs be ported into other systems. The program "Tron" is imported in the "Tron" system however this program had re-programmed to interact in the "Tron" system.
Anyway if there is a Disney producer or a script writer reading this entry then please consider the following ideas for the next Tron movie:
  • Introduce programs called Interfaces which allow the Tron world to interface with other worlds like the "blue world" (IBM) and the "red world" (Oracle).
  • A cyber war across the network (kinda like an alien war)
  • Virus software in the Tron world
  • Tron on Facebook or MySpace - just kidding
Anyway the movie was great but the movie also shows the flaws in having "stove piped" systems.
Here is the trailer