Saturday, January 29, 2011

TSA's Meet Our Blog Team page

I am currently assigned to work as the Tech Lead for Social Media initiatives within my organization. I work for Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Air Traffic Organization (ATO). ATO is the largest Line of Business (LoB) in the Department of Transportation (DOT). I am providing architectural and strategic services to couple of Social Media pilots and I am researching the business value of social media within a government organization. Folks want to deploy expensive social media software and then see the evolution of user participation. Since the FAA is a government agency, I believe this approach is risky with our Tax Payer dollars. I believe a calculated approach should be taken.

Anyway I came across this blog from Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and I thought it was okay. I, however, love their the Meet Our Blog Team page. It describes the people blogging. It is not bunch of contractors who are slaving away on blog entries. This shows there is a personal touch to the blog. I really like it. I would like to get a few Air Traffic Controllers to blog on the proposed ATO blog.